make the grade

Nick Marino is awesome

it's totally true

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OMG I'm putting up an LJ post!!!!
make the grade
Because I never post on here. Okay, ton-o-links time!!!

My Webcomics:

Super Haters (blog) (facebook) (twitter)

Time Log (blog) (facebook)

Stick Cats (blog) (facebook)

My Art:

Cartoons and sketches (blog) (twitter) (deviant) (flickr)

My Podcasts:

AudioShocker: (blog) (facebook) (twitter)

Sequential Underground: (blog) (facebook)

Ross + Nick: (blog)

My Music:

Nik Furious (blog) (facebook)

Unlicensed Attorneys at Law [NSFW!!!] (website) (facebook) (twitter)


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